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Partner with Us

Help us create opportunities that change lives and provide essential learning to youth.

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Donation focused Partnerships

Apps: Accepting

Status: Seeking

Donation Partnerships

Donation Focused Partnerships are partnerships that involve a monetary grant in the form of a donation that acts as a way to aid and support our organization. Donation Partnerships are typically for wealthy entities, government entities, or organizations. Donation partnerships can be used to power projects, initiatives, or general operations of our organization.

Apps: Accepting


Educative Partnerships with Institutions 

Apps: Accepting

Status: Seeking

Institutional Partnerships

Educative Partnerships with Institutions are partnerships with a school, college, or university that seek to collaborate on an educational program. Some of the ways a school could partner with us would be: providing financial aid for shared programs, facilitating courses or classes for students, teaching at a Vesca program, etc. 


Corporate Partners / Other Partners

Status: Seeking

Apps: Accepting

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships are collaborations with a company that range in a variety of ways. An example could be providing monetary aid for a program or initiative, hosting educational events or courses, sponsoring classes, etc. These partnerships are typically meant for large organization.

Looking to Partner?

If you, your entity, or your organization would like to partner with The Vesca Institute, please contact president@vesca.org OR email back your respective agent. Only contact with serious inquiries.