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About Us

Get to know a little more about our organization, our values, mission, and what drives us.

We believe in the value of our world that the foundation of our economic and social future is prompted by the premise in which business education and inspiration is instilled within youth.

A better world is achievable through this business educative key and the reality of a stronger economic and social future is what drives us to provide the best business education to global youth in order to push leadership, knowledge, and skill.

Governance Values and Statements

At Vesca, our main governing point is that we are lead by the purpose to create impact rather than to profit. Furthermore, we do not accept the idea of profiting in our organization and do not profit in any way. 

We are driven by the purpose to create change, change that radicalizes the future, change that inspires people to do more and act better, change that transforms economies and builds better leaders.

Regardless of extending projects we are built to always mainly focus on youth. We believe that real change that ripples to the future starts at early education. 

Valuing Business Academics

Business education and the study of economics/business is at the center of what we do, we live to power the learning of business at the youth level and create opportunities that expand accessibility to business education. Business academics builds leaders, learners, listeners, critical thinkers, social minded people, independent individuals, and creative builders.

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States

At Vesca, we are a pre-college business educational opportunity accelerator. In easier to understand terms, this means we are an organization that powers educational opportunities in the study of business for high school students. 

We collaborate with organizations and institutions to create educational opportunities at world-class universities and colleges that teach business principles, courses, ideas, and programs for high school students.

With our programs, we are able to provide high school youth the academic business education they enjoy and want to discover, this results in business leaders, critical explorers, informed youth, economic-familiar individuals, passionate builders, creative students, and future transformers who will change the economic front of our world and rise to challenges throughout their life.